8MM - (Welles and Eddie)​​​

21 Grams - (Jack and Reverend John)

48 Hours - (Cates and Hammond)

50/50 - (Adam and Seth)

​American Beauty
- (Ricky and Lester)

American Gangster - (Frank and Ritchie)

An American Werewolf in London - (Jack and David)

Art - (Marc and Serge and Yvan)

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - (Andy and Hank)

Being John Malkovich - (Lester and Craig)

Biloxi Blues - (Toomey and Arnold)

​Boogie Nights
- (Jack and Eddie)

​Born on the Fourth of July
 - (Ron and Timmy)

Boys and Girls - (Reed and Jason)

Bullets Over Broadway - (Cheech and Dave)

Carlito's Way
- (Charlie and Dave)

Clerks - (Customer and Activist)

Collateral - (Max and Vincent)

Death of a Salesman
- (​Happy and Biff)

Deathtrap - (Sidney and Clifford)

Dog Day Afternoon - (Moretti and Sonny)

Dog Day Afternoon - (Moretti and Sonny)

Dog Day Afternoon - (Moretti and Sonny)

Don Juan DeMarco - (Don Juan and Dr. Mickler)

E.T. The Extraterrestrial (Young Actors) - (Michael and Elliott and Gertie)

​Fargo (TV)
- (Malvo and Lester)

Fences - (Troy and Cory)

Friday Night Lights - (Taylor and Riggins)

Glengarry Glen Ross
- (Levene and Williamson)

In the Company of Men - (Chad and Howard)

Lars and the Real Girl​ - (Lars and Gus)

Lord of the Flies (Young Actors) - (Sam and Eric)

Magnolia - (Donnie and Solomon)

Midnight Cowboy - (Ratso and Joe)

Midnight Run - (Jonathon and Jack)

Moneyball - (Billy and Grady)

​My Own Private Idaho
 - (Mike and Scott)

No Country For Old Men - (Chigurh and Proprietor)

Nothing in Common - (Max and David)

Of Mice and Men - (George and Lennie)

Ordinary People - (Dr. Berger and Conrad)

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - (Del and Neal)

Pulp Fiction - (Vincent and Jules)

Quiz Show - (Charles and Dick)

Reservoir Dogs - (Mr. Pink and Mr. White)

Sexual Perversity in Chicago - (Danny and Bernie)

Sideways - (Jack and Miles and Maya)

Step Brothers - (Brennan and Dale)

Superbad - (Evan and Seth)

Swimming With Sharks - (Buddy and Guy)

Swingers - (Rob and Mike)

The Believer - (Guy and Daniel)

The Color of Money - (Eddie and Vincent)

The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? - (Martin and Ross)

The Odd Couple
 - (Felix and Oscar)

The Producers - (Max and Leo)

The Shawshank Redemption - (Andy and Red)

The Social Network - (Eduardo and Mark)

The Sting - (Gondorff and Hooker)

The Usual Suspects - (Agent Kujan and Verbal)

Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead - (Bill and Jimmy)

Tootsie - (George and Michael)

Topdog/Underdog - (Lincoln and Booth)

Trumbo - (Trumbo and Edward G. Robinson)

Trumbo - (Trumbo and Hird)

U-Turn - (Jake and Bobby)

U-Turn - (Older Man and Young Man)

Warrior - (Brendan and Paddy)

Man/Man Scenes

Acting Scenes

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days - (Otilia and Gabita)

9 to 5 - (Violet and Doralee and Judy)

A View From the Bridge - (Beatrice and Catherine)

Absence of Malice - (Teresa and Megan)

Agnes of God - (Mother and Doctor and Agnes)

Ally McBeal - (Barbara and Ally)

An Unmarried Woman - (Erica and Tanya)

August: Osage County - (Violet and Barbara)

Baby with the Bathwater - (​Principal and Miss Pringle)

Birdman - (Lesley and Laura)

Black Snake Moan - (Rae and Sandy)

Boogie Nights - (Amber and Rollergirl)

Bride Wars - (Liv and Emma)

Bridesmaids - (Helen and Annie)

Bridesmaids - (Helen and Annie)

Cannery Row - (Suzy and Fauna)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - (Margaret and Big Mama)

- (Carol and Christine)

Choose Me - (Nancy and Eve)

Clueless - (Tai and Cher and Dionne)

Cruel Intentions - (Kathryn and Annette)

Dangerous Liaisons - (Merteuil and Cecile)

Easy A - (Olive and Mrs. Griffith)

Easy A - (Olive and Rhiannon)

Evening - (Lila and Ann)

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress - (Georgeanne and Trisha)

Fried Green Tomatoes - (Idgie and Ruth)

G.I. Jane - (Jordan and Senator)

Ghost World
- (Enid and Rebecca)

 - (Linda and Gia)

Girl, Interrupted - (Susanna and Dr. Wick)

Girl, Interrupted - (Susanna and Daisy and Lisa)

Girl, Interrupted - (Susanna and Lisa and Polly and Georgina)

Happiness - (Helen and Trish)

In Her Shoes - (Maggie and Ella)

In Her Shoes - (Maggie and Rose)

Hannah and Her Sisters - (Holly and Hannah)

Hannah and Her Sisters - (Holly and Hannah)

Hannah and Her Sisters - (Hannah and Lee and Holly)

Housesitter - (Gwen and Becky)

Kill Bill - (The Bride and Vernita)

​Kissing Jessica Stein
 - (Helen and Jessica)

Last Summer at Bluefish Cove - (Lil and Eva)

Losing Isaiah - (Khaila and Margaret)

​Marvin's Room
- (Lee and Bessie)

Monster - (Selby and Aileen)

Mystic Pizza - (Kat and Daisy)

​'Night, Mother
- (Mama and Jessie)

One True Thing - (Ellen and Kate)

Passion Fish - (MaryAlice and Chantelle)

Postcards From the Edge - (Doris and Suzanne)

Postcards From the Edge - (Suzanne and Evelyn)

Prime - (Rafi and Lisa)

Savage in Limbo - (Savage and Linda and Murk)

Sex, Lies, and Videotape - (Cynthia and Ann)

Shampoo - (Jackie and Jill)

Silkwood - (Karen and Dolly)

Sunshine Cleaning
- (Norah and Rose)

The Accused - (Sara and Katherine)

The Baby Dance - (Wanda and Rachel)

The Hours
 - (Clarissa and Laura)

The Mamet Women - (Sally and Polly)

The Trip to Bountiful - (Jessie Mae and Mrs. Watts)

The Whales of August - (Libby and Sarah)

Thelma and Louise - (Thelma and Louise)

Top Girls - (Mrs. Kidd and Marlene)

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
- (Cristina and Vicky)

White Oleander - (Ingrid and Astrid)

Working Girl
 - (Katherine and Tess)

Woman/Woman Scenes

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