Combining the many techniques I've learned, from Method to Meisner and everything else, I've created a style that’s uniquely my own - a way to work with SIMPLICITY, leaving complicated thinking behind and easily zooming in on what’s most important in creating a full, multi-layered, 3-dimensional character.

As actors, we muddy things up. We think too much, trying desperately to figure it all out. We clog our heads with so much information we can't just stop and breathe. Or listen. Many of my students come to me after being disillusioned by other styles of teaching. Many find that after years of certain kinds of famous trainings, that they're even more confused than they were when they began. Worse yet, many fear as if they've failed because of the reputations attached to these ways of working, causing them to lose confidence in themselves.

Group Classes and Private Coaching

Working with me, you will stop and breathe. You'll clear your head. You will feel safe. And in the most simplest way possible, I will guide you in deciding for yourself what your instincts tell you. Because if you're not working truthfully, then it's not working.

Acting is not about fancy techniques, it's not a secret and it's not named after a famous person. The magic of acting is simply finding yourself in it.

Most often, my classes are taught as One-Day Intensives - 5 hours on a Sunday. Periodically, I offer a 4-Week Session that runs for 3 hours, once a week. Check the
Home Page often for my most up-to-date announcements. For pricing, check the Contact Me! Page.

My Private One-On-One Coaching gives you my full attention where I can completely focus only on you. If you have an audition, let's work on the sides! For monologues, let's dig down deep and tackle it together! Or maybe you just need a bit of honing your craft ... maybe you're feeling rusty and want to keep fit for that next job around the corner!

If you're in Los Angeles, let's meet in person! If you live somewhere else, let's
Skype or FaceTime! I'm always here for you!

You must believe what you're doing. Because if you don't, neither will anyone else.

Jeffrey Fox Acting Workshop