August 11, 2018 - Los Angeles
​The Complex Theatres

A Saturday dedicated to working on the Simplicity of acting, with a large portion of the day focused on the three most important tools for creating multi-layered characters through scene study. We will work extensively on creating these tools as well as a specific dedicated focus on your emotional life.

I'm an actor, just like you. I've worked in film, television and theatre - from sitcoms of the 80s to Broadway to The Amazing Spider-Man and ​John Carter


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The best technique is not fancy, it's not a secret and it's not named after a famous person. Everything you need to know is already in you! My class is a safe haven for you to fearlessly tackle your craft. You will stop thinking, work moment to moment and act by instinct.

Jeffrey Fox Acting Workshop


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"You Cannot Create A Character Without First Making A Choice"